The firm

Lauren Fabulous Firm, LLC (LFF) was founded in 2012 by CEO Lauren Freeman. The nucleus of Lauren Fabulous Firm, LLC consists of a team of hand selected business owners and CEOs, committed to achieving global exposure for our clients, products, and brand. We employ a branding and marketing strategy which encompasses various industries, and provides an audience with the latest in media, entertainment, fashion, cosmetics, and beauty trends. It is an organization dedicated to improving women’s lifestyles, building a strong platform which helps women lead better lives; a firm that promotes Fabulous Women Leaders, their images, beauty, careers, and lifestyles globally.


Our mission

Our mission is to achieve equality through economic development in a global society, where individuals and businesses are allotted equal rights, equal representation, and equal opportunities. Additionally, our aim is to represent a diverse group of Founders, Presidents, and CEOs, offering them the opportunity to shift their paradigm and achieve their level of desired success.


Lauren freeman

A visionary “One Platform Multiple Solutions.” Concept. Founder and Managing Partner at Lauren Fabulous Firm, LLC, Author, Motivational Speaker, Style Icon, Entrepreneur, an established business leader with over 30 years’ experience.