ABOUT THE organization 



This is a group about an “elite” group of women who have decided to change from the inside out.  To beautify their inner existence and allow it to elude to the outside.  Their successes are not defined by mere beauty but by the beauty of pulling another woman upward, outward, catapulting her to succeed in life whether it is in business, community, or any other social and economical standard necessary.

FBHO is a group of women who exchange thoughts, and ideas supportively with groups and chapters from state to state.  We are the “masterminds” We are that “iron that sharpens iron”  Women who refuse to allow the ugliness of speech denounce or allow another woman to be substandard of characterization, but a fellow sister who has help any and everywhere she goes.  Almost like a sorority.

Lauren has changed the game. As the founder & executive at our Fabulous Women in Black Hat Organization  she has brought emotion and passion to the organization and has devoted herself to becoming a mentor and friend to women and leaders.

Her most recent endeavors include launching The New Boss guide book, which support and mentor women to find their voice, embrace their feminine leadership powers and work together to transform corporate culture for this and future generations of women. To learn more, contact us for more information.